Oregon's Foreclosure Avoidance Program

"I had started working with my lender, a big company, but I wasn't sure how to navigate such a complex system. The Foreclosure Avoidance Program helped walk my husband and I through the process."

  • For Homeowners

    The Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program brings homeowners and lenders together with a facilitator to find a mutually agreeable resolution.

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  • For Facilitators

    Core training for this program has already taken place. Facilitators can contact Mediation Case Manager for information about future training sessions.

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  • For Lenders

    This program requires mortgage lenders to meet with homeowners who choose to participate in a resolution conference session before proceeding with foreclosure action.

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  • For Counselors

    Before attending the resolution conference, homeowners must meet with a qualified housing counselor to review their financial documents and make sure they are prepared with the information they need to avoid foreclosure.

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