Information for Beneficiaries, Lenders and Servicers

Participation in the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program is a requirement for lenders who initiated 30 or more foreclosure actions commenced in 2019. (Note: This exemption was changed in HB 2009 from the 2021 session.) An affidavit of exemption for beneficiaries who initiated less than this amount must be completed and submitted to the Attorney General. A list of exempt beneficiaries is available at the DOJ program website.

Sign into the online system using your login information to create a case and initiate a request for a resolution conference. The initial payment must be submitted for the request to be processed.

All program fees should be sent to:
Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program
P.O. Box 4185
Portland, Oregon 97208-4185

If you need help using the online system, or wish to request login information, contact Mediation Case Manager by emailing Admin@MediationCaseManager.com or calling (855) 658-6733.

After you have requested a resolution conference with the homeowner, they must submit their payment and upload their documents to the online system. Once their documents are made available, you must upload the required documents and submit the facilitator fee within 25 days. You will receive a Notice of Scheduled Resolution Conference with the exact date, time, and location of the resolution conference after the homeowner's payment has been received.

A certificate of compliance will be issued to lenders who adhere to the requirements of Senate Bill 558 by submitting the required fees, uploading the necessary documents, and attending a resolution conference with the homeowner. If a lender does not comply with the terms of Senate Bill 558, a notice that no certificate of compliance will be issued will be sent to the lender, the homeowner, and the state Attorney General.